Business Bullying, Cancel Culture, & Protecting Yourself

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Unless you’re living under a rock, 2024 is shaping up to be the year of people being exposed – from bad businesses, straying husbands, celebrity antics and SO. MUCH. MORE.

Soooo let’s talk about it!

On today’s episode of the Ultimate Product Party Podcast we’re diving into a couple things – business bullying, cancel culture, and protecting yourself. 

Here’s the cliff notes version…

  • Nowadays people are taking to the internet if ya do ‘em dirty
  • Big businesses have a tendency of doing small businesses dirty & small businesses are starting to “fight” back.
  • Sharing our own personal experiences with all these shenanigans
  • You can step into your own power within your business and use your voice for good
  • Protect yourself & your business LEGALLY

Listen in to get the FULL scoop, and let us know what you think and then please DM us (or reply back to this email) if you can relate or have your own story to share!

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