Summer Schedule Gotcha Thrown For A Loop? How We’re Balancing Business + Family + Our Sanity this Summer

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Two moms who, by fate, met at a business conference one year, became besties over time, then one day had this crazy idea to start a creative conference for product based business owners over scratch margs.

Hi, we're
cat & Allison!

Just when you start getting into the groove of your business… BOOM! BAM! A big ol’ wrench is thrown into your schedule – introducing SUMMER BREAK, friends!

Whether you’re a parent juggling kids & fur-babies or not – there’s something about the kick off of Summer that can throw you for a loop and set you back until you can find a new groove. 

So let’s talk about it!

On today’s new podcast episode we’re sharing how we’ve been managing this shift to our personal and business schedules. Running and growing your own business from the ground up is challenging enough on it’s own, but when you throw in tiny humans who have their own schedules… hopes… dreams… makes it feel impossible at times!

We’ve made some promises to ourselves in this episode to stay sane and we want YOU to do the same for yourself. You’ll have to listen in to know what the heck we’re talking about, but if you don’t set some boundaries for yourself no one is going to do it for you. 

(And it’s kinda crazy, because for ONCE it seems like our personalities have sort of flip flopped over here! Ohhhh the joys of owning a business with your bff!) 

So how will YOU be spending your summer?

Grinding it out in your business??

Sippin’ on a seltzer lakeside? 

No judgment from us as long as you step into YOUR power!! 

Did you know you could experience the MAGIC & EDUCATIONAL CONTENT of UPP even though we’ve already wrapped up this year’s event?! 

Get a full replay on Ultimate Product Party 2024 and all the different keynotes, workshops, and veggie sessions!! 2 FULL days of content to help you grow, scale, and make more money selling your products – all from the comfort of your own home!



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