The Afterparty


the after party

Action Meets Accountability

Do you know the most common next step after coming home from an event?

Not doing anything.

You come home ON FIRE. Your brain is firing at warp speed, the dreams and goals are HUGE, you’ve got a to do list of allll the strategies you want to implement, and you’re feeling more motivated than you have been in months. And then…life slaps you in the face. Carpool, kids home for summer vacation, schedules, activities, LIFE. And you freeze. You put your event notebook on the shelf, never to be touched again.

We refuse for that to be you.

You made this investment in yourself and your business, you got yourself in the room, you went ALL IN. You deserve to make those dreams and that goal you claimed on the wall and to yourself a reality. And we’re going to help you achieve that!

What Past Clients Are Saying…

“If you want to create big shifts in your business, then you must work with Allison TODAY! I have grown so much in my business since our first one on one call. Allison has helped me focus on what I need to do to grow and make more sales. Allison is creative, smart, and ready to push you into action. She is also a business brainstorm queen that will have you fired up about all your business goals.”

-Laura Orlando, Gracious Adventures

Cat has been absolutely instrumental to the success of my business and I truly can’t imagine this year so far without her. Prior to signing up, I was nervous about taking the leap – not because I didn’t think that Cat wasn’t worth it, but that I’ve never invested so much money in myself or my business before. However, I knew I had to take the leap in order to learn from the best and further my business. It was absolutely one of the best decisions I could have ever made.

— Sarah Lewis, Slate and Brush

the after party details…

  • 10 Women

    We believe in the power of intimacy. We want this group to know the in’s and out’s of each others businesses and truly be each other’s biggest cheerleaders and support system. A small group allows for that connection and individualized attention from Cat and Allison.

  • 3 Months: June, July, and August

    A summer of intense ACTION. A quarter of growth together, to set you up for massive success as you roll into Q4…the BIGGEST quarter of the year for product based businesses!

  • One to One Calls

    Cat and Allison each have their strengths when it comes to helping scale small businesses. You will switch off getting 1-1 calls with each of us, one month with Cat, one month with Allison, and one month with one of us depending on your goals. These will be 1 hour long calls of personalized work time for your goals!

  • Group Calls

    One group call a month to use each other’s strengths to help build our businesses! Group feedback, hot seats, training from Cat and Allison, and homework will be included in these group calls! All recorded as well!

  • Audits + Feedback

    You’ve got us in your back pocket for anything you need our eyes on! Want help writing a pitch? Done! Getting your wholesale page and catalog nailed down? Done! Website or social media audited with feedback? Done and done.

  • Voxer Access to Us

    Sometimes random thoughts or questions pop up and you can’t wait until your next call with us! Vox away! Voxer is a walkie talkie app that gives you access to us when you need it. Another way we’ll be in your back pocket when needed!

What Past Clients Are Saying…


“Allison’s coaching program is one of the best investments I made for my business. I knew I wanted to get featured in big name publications so that I could slap their logos on my website and earn instant trust from customers. But I had no clue how I would begin to do that. Her coaching program taught me exactly what to do in in clear and manageable steps. She pushed me outside My comfort zone a few times but instilled the confidence I needed to snag some amazing features. I have been featured on parents and Martha Stewart. My next goal is to be featured on the Today Show or Good Morning America and I know it is possible because the technique Allison taught me landed me on my local morning new show. A national slot is not that far off. Without a doubt this is the only coaching program and course that I have completed where I was truly able to accomplish everything I was promised.”

— Emily Lawson, Sandbox Academy

“It’s been a game changer to work with someone who actually has a successful product based business. 

-Diana Swallow, Blue Poppy Gallery

“I have never felt so many impending shifts surrounding my bniz until working with you! It is stressful and overwhelming and scary, but its also so so good!

I have been so impressed with how active you are in the group outside of specific trainings. I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as that goes when we first started. The monthly trainings are well formatted and thorough. There is knowledge shared and practice action steps to take. Cat has given me so much more confidence! I am really excited to make wholesale a big focus in 2022 with all of the trainings you shared with me.

— Megan Soncksen, Maddie B Designs


x 4 payments = total of $3k

$750 down today secures your spot! Then you’ll make 3 additional, monthly payments of $750