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Two moms who, by fate, met at a business conference one year, became besties over time, then one day had this crazy idea to start a creative conference for product based business owners over scratch margs.

Hi, we're
cat & Allison!

REAL TALK: as we are spreading the word about Ultimate Product Party to other product based business owners we spend a lot time growing our audience and engaging with new people. Seeing a lot of businesses missing the opportunity to connect on IG by showing who they are as fabulous people! We care about you too much to let that happen. 😍

Here are some tips to make it easier for your customer to know WHO YOU ARE quickly in your IG profile. Don’t make people work to find out who the PERSON behind the PRODUCT is. People will buy more from you when they like, know, trust, you, so let them get to know you!!

Here are some quick tips:

🖤 Put your name in your IG profile. Obviously put your biz name too, but let people know WHO they’re talking to in the DMs.

🖤 Your profile pic should be a pic of YOU! Show there is a human behind the brand. People will connect with a human way more than a logo when it comes to small biz.

🖤 Put where you’re located. No need to put your home address or anything creepy, but let people know what city & state you’re in. Promise customers love knowing.

🖤 This might seem obvious, but clearly & quickly state what the heck it is you sell and who you serve. Remember, when you confuse you loose. And no one wants to be losing customers.

🖤 Oh and here’s a BONUS ONE: if your link tree is a dumpster fire of confusion you’ve also lost a customer as well. 😩

Have any additions? Feel like your IG profile can use a quick makeover?

We can’t wait to connect with you at @ultimateproductparty – get those tickets and level up your PRODUCT BIZ!

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