The 2023 UPP Favorite Things Gift Guide!

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Two moms who, by fate, met at a business conference one year, became besties over time, then one day had this crazy idea to start a creative conference for product based business owners over scratch margs.

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Your favorite ho-ho-ho hostesses of the Ultimate Product Party, Cat and Allison, here with the most epic gift guide you’ve ever seen!!

Gift guides are a HUGE way for product based businesses to get some new eyeballs on their products and traffic to their websites during the holiday season. And because we are ALL ABOUT helping product based businesses sell more of their amazing stuff, we decide to create our own gift guide highlighting some of the awesome products from the Ultimate Product Party community along with our tried and true fave resources, books, and fun items we personally love and use on the reg!

Please consider shopping small as much as possible this year. We totally know you’ll be grabbing some stuff on Amazon ( we will too!) but start early, get creative, and be an intentional shopper with your dollars this year. Us, along with the businesses represented in this list, are doing an actual happy dance every time that order comes in.

Every time a bell rings, a small business owner’s heart SINGS! 😉

Without further ado…please enjoy our 2023 UPP Favorite Things Gift Guide!

Please note that some of the following links are affiliate links, meaning we may get a small commission if you purchase using them- which we appreciate!

Beauty & Skincare

The Glow Stick by SkinOwl

Encrusted with 30 Germanium stones for lifting, smoothing, and contouring, The Glow Stick has the natural ability to emit negative electrons which helps rebalance and decrease position ions in the body. Positive ions accumulate from time on our phone and computer, stress, lack of sleep, leaving our lymph full of dead bacteria. The Glow Stick will improve circulation, mitigate puffiness and liquid retention, oftentimes leaving  your ‘mental fog’ lifted. This is the result of letting the Germanium stones do the work. Three minutes a day is all you need.

Shop the Glow Stick here!

Golden Cream Soap by Scentivity Soap

Imagine unwrapping a beautifully glistening soap bar that not only pampers your skin but also adds a touch of luxury to your daily routine. The Golden Cream Soap Bar is a game-changer for the holiday season. It’s perfect for those who appreciate a little extra glam in their skincare. What’s more, these soap bars are tailor-made for those with sensitive skin. No nut oils, and most importantly, no boring unscented or oatmeal-honey options here. Scentivity believes that sensitive skin deserves scents that make you feel like a million bucks!

Shop Golden Cream Soap here!

Plum + Argan Serum from Chanla Chau

This luxurious blend of oils is used on your skin to help radiate a more beautiful complexion. The rich oils add immediate moisture to your dehydrated skin, helping retain water on a deeper cellular level which makes skin supple and fights superficial facial lines. Fun fact! This is Cat’s favorite serum!

Shop your Plum + Argan Serum here!

Stationery & Wrapping

Luxury Cards and Wrapping Paper by MASU

MASU has those gift giving needs covered this holiday season with designer wrapping paper & greeting cards that take your gifting from humdrum to HO HO HOLY SHIT this is so freakin’ fun & gorgeous! Send Christmas cards that won’t get eye rolls or thrown straight in the trash with the merry & bright “Oh What Fun!” greeting card collection. Fill hearts with joy and bring jolly smiles to faces with gifts wrapped in paper from the “Jingle Jolly Joy” Christmas collection. Going green never looked or felt sooooo good!

Shop the MASU Holiday Collection here!

Notebooks by Taylor & Jessie

These 6×9 inch, lightweight notebooks not only have cute designs, but they are perfect for the multi-passionate goal-setter on the go. They are the best fit for everything from note taking to doodling, to keeping track of your next appointment – without the stress of feeling disorganized from having too many mental tabs open!

Shop Notebooks here!

Retro Stickers by Daydream Division

Could these disco ball stickers be anymore perfect for our UPP audience? Moon phases in disco balls? I mean…STOP. These stickers are all the founder, Kendra’s original artwork and reflect a positive mindset and are wrapped in groovy disco space vibes. To top it off, they are professionally printed in the USA with eco-friendly materials, and their quality is unmatched for a lifespan of 8 years!

Shop her Disco Ball Stickers here!

Holiday Cards by Slate and Brush

If you prefer boring, suburban Mom-approved holiday items, Slate + Brush Design Studio is not your company. If you want something designed by a girl who has a sick, twisted sense of humor and who loves to work while drinking a holiday themed spiked drink, check out the attached designs. Our audience is anything but boring, so we know you can stand a little holiday humor! Let’s make gifting easy for your favorite people on the naughty list with just a few clicks.

Shop Slate + Brush here!

Lucky Stars Gift Tags by Mirthos Paper

Yes, thank your lucky stars for these beauties! This set of gift tags can be made into a garland or banner (they don’t cut the ribbon or twine, just in case!) or send one as a special treat added into a greeting card or letter. Past customers have been known to use these are ornaments on the tree or even on plants, too! Neon pink is perfect as a year round tag or decor. Tie one on (Ha!) a bottle of your favorite beverage & the hostess gift is ready to go! Each set is 8 unique star shapes, hand painted and hand die cut right in our North Carolina studio.

Shop the Lucky Star Gift Tags here!

Food & Beverage

Macarons by Maddie About Cake

Maddie About Cake is micro-bakery based in Louisville, KY, specializing in French macarons. Her macarons are gluten-friendly, so your gluten-sensitive friends can enjoy these sweet treats! They’re filled with high-quality chocolate ganache, providing a superior texture to the finished product – a slight crunch on the outside with a melt-in-your-mouth center. And head baker, Maddie, offers a monthly rotating menu of six limited-edition flavors includes some classics, fun nostalgic tastes, and seasonal offerings so your gift recipient can try each flavor she offers!

Shop Macarons here!

Health & Wellness

Sacred Rebel Oracle Cards

These cards are WILD! Cat got Allison these for her birthday two years ago and both of us regularly use them for different validation and guidance in our personal lives and businesses. These cards make such a great gift for anyone in your life that walks a little on the woo side. I’ve done these Oracle cards at multiple girls nights and it is wild to see the messages that come from them match perfectly with the person who pulled the card. SO so fun!

Shop Sacred Rebel Oracle Cards!

The Energy Set by Alevan Botanica

Revitalize your soul this season with this amazing energy set!  Designed to uplift and inspire body, mind and spirit. The Energy Set contains the following Alevan Botanica Essential Oil Products: Awaken Spritz, Restore Diffuser Blend and Bliss Roller Blend. Great stocking stuffer for the go getter in your life!

Shop the Energy Set here!

Confidence Card Pack from Gracious Adventures

These make the perfect gift or stocking stuffer for the tweens, teens, and women in your life! Confidence is something that all women and girls need a little bit more of and these cards will inspire just that! Each card was designed to motivate, encourage and teach girls and women about being confident and courageous in their life! 

Shop Confidence Cards here!

Mindfulness Cards for Kids from Love Powered Co.

Guide your children on a mindfulness journey, in a simple, fun, and meaningful way! Flip a card. Focus on your chosen mindfulness activity for the moment, or for the day. Together with your littles, enjoy the beauty of the here and now! Research shows that mindfulness – a gentle accepting awareness of the present moment – helps to reduce stress and anxiety, improve mental focus, boost compassion, reduce bias, and enhance mental wellbeing overall. This box set includes 30 cards to connect your littles (and you!) to the beautiful present moment!

Shop Mindfulness Cards here!


Customer Obsession by Kerrie Fitzgerald

Fun fact! At the very first UPP in 2022, Kerrie wrote that she would publish her book Customer Obsession within a year on our Action Wall. WELL GUESS WHAT HAPPENED?! She published the dang thing!! And even more fun fact!! Cat designed the cover of it!

This book is the perfect combination of “a big ol kick in the ass, encouragement and practical fluff free tips” that product brands need more than ever to grow their businesses in 2023 & beyond. We see so many female founders FLOUNDERING today. They have an amazing product but zero clue how to get it in front of new eyeballs and create that “secret sauce” appeal that makes a customer tap that buy button and come back again and again for more. This book helps you do just that!

Grab your copy of Customer Obsession here!

S100M Offers by Alex Hormozi

The easiest and most fascinating read for coming up with new offers and bringing ideas to life. This book is outlined almost workbook style and holds SO much value. Hormozi is a genius in how he breaks down offer creation and marketing. A must read for business owners!

Get a copy of S100M Offers!

A Kindle Paperwhite

My Kindle is my most favorite thing I own. Reading is a huge passion of mine, and something that makes me feel so calm and grounded. It is so important to have a hobby outside of constantly working on your business. What does that look like for you? Reading, hiking, cooking, painting? Find that thing for you this year and gift yourself (or add it to your wish list!) some new things encouraging you to prioritize your hobby and time for yourself.

Grab yourself a Kindle here!

Fashion & Jewelry

Lightning Bolt Sweater by Dressed in LaLa

Our fave lightning bolt sweater! Allison has green, Cat has black. This is the perfect oversize, cozy but bold and on trend sweater. You see us wearing ours all the time!

Get your own Lightning Bolt Sweater!

Lightning Bolt Earrings from Ember & Onyx

We love the versatility of these hoops, with easily removable lightning bolt & freshwater pearl charms. Wear the hoops by themselves for an everyday work look and effortlessly add the lightning bolt charms when it’s time to head to happy hour. Or if you’re heading to a fancy little steak dinner with your cutie instead, swap the lightening bolts for the included pearl charms for a simple, elegant touch. It’s like having three earring styles in one set! Bonus! These earrings are an UPP⚡️exclusive⚡️ product, meaning they won’t be available through any other channels this holiday season. Perfect since lightning bolts are our signature style!

Shop the Lightning Bolt Earrings here!

Blue Blocking Glasses from Gleam Eyewear

Gleam Eyewear is not your ordinary eyewear brand; they’re dedicated to empowering women through their unique products. Their collection includes blue-light-blocking glasses, statement sunglasses, and prescription glasses, all designed with female go-getters in mind. They believe that eyewear should not only protect your eyes but also inspire and make a statement. Gleam Eyewear draws inspiration from trailblazing women in history, such as Rosa Parks, Frida Khalo, Maya Angelou, and RBG. They’re passionate about creating a sense of connection, empowerment, and inspiration among women who choose their products. Moreover, their commitment to giving back through charitable donations aligns with the values of our UPP community as well!

Shop their collection of Blue Light Glasses!

Tube Squiggle Earrings from By Chavelli

We are BIG fans of By Chavelli’s personality-forward collection geared toward independent, stylish and creative women- YOU! Plus, we can’t forget the best endorsement of all: that Cat ROCKED By Chavelli for not just one, but TWO days of UPP, and during the killer keynote! *swoon* And she looked damn good in them!

By Chavelli’s signature product and best seller is their Tube Squiggle earrings. It’s the manifestation of their values and ethos: finding joy in the every day. It’s like wearing happiness on your ears! They’re a celebrity stylist favorite too, and in recent months have been spotted on the red carpet, in magazine photoshoots, at Coachella and most recently in a music video! Go grab your pair in the color of your choice now!!

Shop By Chavelli’s Earrings here!

Rainbow Wave Earrings by JL Scheppers Art

In life (or in small business), we are constantly facing the up and down waves of challenge and triumph. And any rainbow-seeker knows that the brightest rainbows show themselves after a dark storm has passed over. That’s why these pieces are the perfect fit for small business-owning women. This colorful collection is there for those tough times when we need to stay focused on putting one foot in front of the other, AND for those happy moments when we can look back on how far we’ve come!

Shop the Rainbow Waves collection here!

Scalloped Leather Purses by Sun & Lace

These are too CUTE! This line of adorable handcrafted leather baby shoes and children’s accessories make the perfect keepsake gift. All of their items are made by a small team of women in their Wisconsin studio also! These scalloped leather purses are perfect for the little fashionistas in your life looking for. gift to be cherished for years to come. These little purses are just the right size to hold little treasures! 

Shop your leather gifts here!

Home Decor + Lifestyle

Gifts from Kitty Meow Boutique

Your girl Cat has been hustling her festive little butt off to build out the GIFTING selection on her website, and the new item are SO FUN! One stop shop for all your gift giving needs! Head on over to Kitty Meow for candles, t-shirts, stickers, cards, notebooks, her famous pens, and keychains are coming! You can seriously check SO many people off your list in one spot, saving you soooo much time and energy! I

Shop the new gift goodies at Kitty Meow!

Chasity Campbell Candles

Not just another basic candle! This line of artisan, handcrafted, refillable candles is made with luxurious coconut wax, which is a renewable, non toxic resource, as opposed to petroleum based waxes you see in most big box department stores. Their fragrances are all phthalate free, meaning, you’re not burning a toxic waste dump in your house. And one of the most unique features of this line is that each jar is hand crafted from concrete with earth safe pigments and sealant and are incredibly sleek and modern, making them extremely popular due to their versatility to compliment any home aesthetic. Give the gift of a candle AND a refill program subscription so the recipient always has a new, clean candle ready to burn!

Shop the best selling holiday candle, Eleanora Holiday here! This special candle has traditional holiday base scents of oak, cedar, cypress and balsam, leveled up with added notes of gin, red currant and juniper for a little sass and attitude, just like the sultry jazz queen she’s named for, the legendary, Billie Holiday.

Flower Prints by Fleurdinand

In 2005, there was a 10 month study done at Rutgers University on the positive emotional impact of giving someone flowers and the results were beyond what the authors originally thought. Alex, founder of Fleurdinand believes floral art has the same effect…and these prints last longer! Each design is handcrafted using actual leaves and petals- a process not seen anywhere else! Every flower used is locally grown, with no imported flowers ever used. Also, the prints are archival quality! Forever flowers that will stand the test of time, offering a beautiful memory to the recipient of the gift giver. What a perfect, sentimental gift for the flower lover in your life!

Shop Fleurdinand’s Floral Prints here!

Personalized Charctuerie Boards from Everything Done To a T

We all have someone in our life who we’ve known for years and can’t possibly think of something different that they need or don’t have.  That’s where Tara with Everything Done To a T comes in! From pregnant mamas to brides, girlfriends to grandmas, and everyone in between, her wide selection of gifts will have you adding to cart for everyone on your list. All handmade by her, she can guarantee that everything will be done “To a T”. These charcuterie boards make the perfect hostess gift that doubles as the appetizer! Grab your personalized board, head to the store to create a gorgeous and delicious charcuterie to bring to the gathering, and gift the board to the hostess! Super special and WAY more thoughtful than a bottle of wine!

Shop Personalized Charcuterie Boards here!

Girl Gang Zippered Pouch by SHEWolf

You’re not just carrying your stuff around with this bag; you’re sparking conversations, raising awareness, and standing up for what you believe in! This oversized pouch can hold more than just your phone, sunglasses, and stash of emergency snacks, making it perfect for everything from running errands to a weekend getaway. And with a lined interior and machine-washable body, it’s made for life’s everyday messes. Now, go do the things!

Shop Zippered Pouches here!

Candles by Making More

Making More is all about helping women have more joy and laughter in their lives whether it’s by having one of our candles in their home so they can look at it and light it after a long ass day and be reminded that they aren’t alone or by getting them as a gift for someone they love to create a special memory full of joy and laughter with them so they can feel related to and have a laugh about the bs we all go through. We all need more of that! 

These candles come in a beautiful matte black jar with an equally beautiful wood lid, are high on the smell amazing and actually work meter and low on the full of harmful bs meter, and are 100% women owned and operated, but backed and driven by family!

Shop your Making More Candles here!

Recipe Cutting Board by Leah E Moss Designs

We all want to give something meaningful without making ourselves crazy, right? That’s where this special recipe cutting board comes in. All you have to do is take a photo of a recipe card on a flat surface. The end! Leah will work her magic on the rest! She uses the customer’s provided photo of a cherished family recipe and laser engrave the design — in the original handwriting — directly into a solid maple hardwood cutting board. It’s personal without being complicated and meaningful without being cheesy. Plus, it’s as functional as it is decorative! LOVE! I’ll be adding this to cart with my grandma’s banana bread recipe, thank you very much!

Shop your Recipe Cutting Board here!


Founder, Kimberly Boyle, dreamt up Memorialight after giving her first eulogy, and designed the perfect sympathy gift as a way to actively remember those we love on a daily basis. She’s a one woman business who has spread so much love and light around the world with this perfect addition to your list as a different sort of gift to celebrate anyone who is experiencing loss this year and having a tougher time around the holidays.

Shop your special Memorialight here!

The Walking Pad

This has literally changed my productivity and focus when working! ANY time I have to do busy work tasks like emails, creating content/graphics, blogs, Pinterest, do pitch audits for clients, website tweaks, etc. I am walking on my Walking Pad. I average about 5-7 miles a day, walking about 2 hours and I can get things done SO QUICKLY. If you have trouble focusing or staying on task, I highly recommend trying to move your body and see if it helps!

Get a Walking Pad for your office!

Small Business Must Haves

A Ticket to Ultimate Product Party May 7-9, 2024!

Are you coming to UPP, the GO TO EVENT for product based businesses?! Get ready to sell, scale, and level up this biz of yours!! Ultimate Product Party is two jam packed days of keynote speakers, breakout workshops, roundtable discussions, panels, networking, dreaming, scheming, content creating, FUN and so much more. If you’re a product based business…this is the room you need to be in! We’ll be in Orange County, CA May 7-9, 2024! If you’re serious about growing your product based business…we better see you there!

Get your Ticket to UPP! Payment Plans available!

Basic Pitch Club Membership by Allison Carter Celebrates

Let’s just say…some of these gift guide pitches could have used some work 😉…and I’m (Allison with Allison Carter Celebrates) here to help! Visibility for product based businesses is essential to your sales. More eyeballs on your business, means more traffic, which means more SALES. So how do we create a overall visibility plan for your business that consistently brings new customers to your site that does NOT rely on social media? That is exactly what I teach every single month inside my monthly membership, Basic Pitch Club! Monthly live coaching calls on a specific topic, guest expert trainings, monthly 1-1 hot seat coaching calls, accountability challenges and more! ALL designed to get your visibility, credibility, and sales locked and loaded!

Join HERE before January and lock in your membership dues at $49! Price is going up to $97 January 1, 2024!

The KMB Wholesale Intensive

Is getting your products sold in stores (or MORE stores) on the top of your list for 2024 goals? But your wholesale strategy is falling a little flat or… you don’t have one to begin with? Wholesale baddie, Cat Hildner, to the rescue! She has a FULL self paced course dedicated to helping you create a wholesale strategy that slays so you can boost your sales by watching the wholesale orders roll in! Cat has used this exact strategy to take her stationery and gift line from a handful of stores to over 1,400 stores world wide and wants to help YOU do the same. Give yourself the gift of sales this holiday…sounds great, right?

Sign up for the KMB Wholesale Intensive and get started TODAY!

A Year of Email Marketing with Flodesk

Email marketing is the number one marketing tool every single business owner should be prioritizing. We both use Flodesk for Ultimate Product Party, and in our own businesses, Allison Carter Celebrates and Kitty Meow Boutique. Flodesk makes it SO easy to email your list, the emails are pretty and easily made to be on brand, and the link below gets your 50% off!

Gift yourself with Flodesk this season!

There you have it! The UPP 2023 Favorite Things Gift Guide!

What do you think…should we make this an annual thing??

Wishing you the happiest holiday season…don’t forget to treat YOURSELF…and ask for a ticket to UPP and a trip to Orange County to be wrapped under the tree for you! A business write off that DOUBLES as a girls trip GIFT? Sign us up!

If you shopped anything from this gift guide, please tag us on Instagram and let us know what you loved! We’d love to see what made the list!

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