Slaying Self Doubt: How to Finally Beat Imposter Syndrome and Unleash Your Inner Baddie

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Guest Blog Post by:
Chasity Campbell
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Picture this: You’re slaying the small biz game, chasing your dreams with unapologetic determination, and thriving in your unique style. Your journey has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. You’re doing all the things, learning the ropes, making connections, but somehow you can’t shake that little b*tch voice that keeps poppin’ up telling you,, “You don’t know what you’re doing.” or “Look at her. She knows what she’s doing and she’s killing it” and trust, you are not alone. I don’t care who you’re comparing yourself to, we’ve ALL had our Self Doubt Era. 

As unbenign as imposter syndrome may seem, it’s pretty important you get a grip on it, and fast, if you want to get out of your own way and watch your business grow. It can wreak havoc on your business in many ways. Here are a few examples of how it can take you down:

1. Undermining Confidence: Imposter syndrome erodes your self-confidence. It can make you question your abilities, qualifications, and accomplishments. As a result, you might hesitate to take on new challenges, seek opportunities for growth, or make critical decisions for your business.

2. Perfectionism Paralysis: It often leads to a vicious cycle of perfectionism. You feel you must be flawless to be taken seriously, which can lead to overworking, stress, and procrastination. You become stuck, fearing any perceived imperfection will expose you as a fraud.

3. Risk Avoidance: Imposter syndrome can make you excessively risk-averse. You might avoid pursuing ambitious projects or investments because you’re afraid of failure or that others will discover you’re not as competent as they believe.

4. Difficulty in Self-Promotion: Many women with imposter syndrome find it challenging to self-promote. You might downplay your achievements or be uncomfortable with self-marketing, which can hinder your business’s growth and visibility.

5. Hesitation in Networking: Imposter syndrome often makes women hesitant to network or reach out for support. You may feel unworthy of connecting with other entrepreneurs, missing out on valuable mentorship and collaboration opportunities.

6. Income and Pricing Challenges: Women entrepreneurs with imposter syndrome might struggle with pricing their products or services appropriately. They might undercharge because they don’t believe they are worth more, which can affect their bottom line.

7. Burnout: The constant self-doubt and the pressure to prove your worth can lead to burnout. You might find yourself working longer hours and neglecting self-care, which isn’t sustainable in the long run.

8. Lack of Assertiveness: Imposter syndrome can hinder your ability to assert yourself, particularly in negotiations. You might settle for less favorable deals because you feel like you’re lucky to be at the table, even when you deserve more.

9. Fear of Failure: The fear of failing can be paralyzing. Imposter syndrome can make you hesitant to take calculated risks, preventing your business from achieving its full potential.

10. Mental and Emotional Stress: Dealing with imposter syndrome can be mentally and emotionally draining. It can lead to increased stress, anxiety, and even symptoms of depression, which are detrimental to both your well-being and business performance.

Imposter syndrome is that uninvited guest who shows up to the party and drinks all the margs. Super annoying. It’s the voice in your head that whispers, “Do you really know what you’re doing?” and “Are you a fraud?”. And it happens to the best of us, even those who really seem like they have it all figured out. So, relax, you’re not some weirdo who’s got it all wrong. Imposter syndrome is the real deal for all of us, and it can creep back up even when you think you’ve moved past it. It’s normal. It’s natural. But it’s not impossible to manage and I’m going to share a few steps with you that can absolutely get you into a space where you’re more confident as you grow your business. 

The Power of Affirmations

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of overcoming imposter syndrome, let’s explore a magical tool that can help turbocharge your confidence: affirmations. Affirmations are like daily doses of positivity for your mind and soul. They can be your secret weapon in the battle against self-doubt.

Imposter You: “I have no idea what I’m doing!”

Confident You: “I am a beginner and I am perfectly capable of figuring sh*t out.” 

Imagine starting your day saying that! Affirmations are not just some woo-woo self-help trend; they’re scientifically proven to rewire your brain. When you consistently repeat positive statements, you create new neural pathways that strengthen your belief in your abilities. Affirmations are like a mental workout for your self-confidence muscles, and honestly, so much more fun than HIIT. 

So, let’s freaking gol with some affirmation action:

Affirmation #1: “I am a capable and confident badass woman, learning and growing every day.” Affirmation #2: “I am the expert of my business. I trust my own voice and know exactly what I need.” Affirmation #3: “I am obsessed with my potential.

Rinse and repeat. Every. Single. Day. Pick one to focus on or rotate through them. It’s simple, but it works. And what do you have to lose? Imposter syndrome? Bye, b*tch.. 

Practical Tips for Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Embracing Achievements

We often downplay our successes, thinking it was just luck or other external factors. Combat that self-doubt by keeping a journal or a handy Notes App list on your phone filled with your successes, big and small. When imposter syndrome knocks, revisit those wins. They’ll remind you just how much of a badass you truly are.

Cultivate Self-Compassion

Treat yourself as kindly as you would your best friend. Seriously, you wouldn’t look at your biz bestie and tell her she’s clueless, right? Mistakes happen, and growth comes with imperfection. Self-compassion is your go-to tool on this entrepreneurial roller coaster. Be your own biggest fan, and you’ll find imposter syndrome starts losing its grip.

Build a Supportive Tribe

You know what’s a game-changer? Surrounding yourself with like-minded women entrepreneurs who understand the journey. In-person events are the perfect playground for meeting your soul-sisters in business. Share your experiences, doubts, and triumphs with your new besties. It’ll remind you that you’re not alone, and you’ve got a whole circle of badasses who’ve got your back.

Embrace Lifelong Learning

Imposter syndrome loves to make you feel like you should know it all. But here’s a secret: none of us do. We literally are all just at different stages of the journey. So, embrace the idea that learning is lifelong. Attend workshops, conferences, and networking events. Every moment is a chance to expand your knowledge and skills. When imposter syndrome whispers, “You don’t know anything,” respond with, “Back off, b*tch. I’m a beginner, and I’m still learning.”

Seek Mentorship or Coaching

Finally, don’t be afraid to seek out people who’ve been down the path you’re on. All of those “Been there. Done it” peeps have some knowledge to share. Find them! Their wisdom and guidance are gold!. They’ll provide invaluable reassurance and practical advice, boosting your confidence and helping you conquer imposter syndrome like a pro.

You’re not alone in battling imposter syndrome, and with these five tips and the added magic of affirmations, you’ll be better equipped to face it head-on. I created a 5 week calendar of “Badass Affirmations” that you can download for free. I have two copies of this, one hanging above my jewelry cabinet in my closet and one hanging on the bulletin board in my office. Seeing them physically posted helped me build the habit and has curbed the self doubt a ton. I’d love for you to use them!

And, if you’re ready to ditch the chaos for clarity, make sure you listen to my new podcast, Hustle Culture Dropout, and join a community of women who are ready to slow down, rediscover their magic and tap into the most authentic version of themselves with some no nonsense, real talk about navigating the insanity of life. Find me online at

Keep crushing your goals, celebrating your achievements, and remember that you, my friend, are a bona fide, real-life badass entrepreneur. 

Chasity Campbell

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