Unlock Those Holiday Sales: A Step-by-Step Guide to Launching Your Product-Based Business Affiliate Program

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Guest Blog Post by:
Kelly Morrison of Create Your Affiliate Program
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Product Sellers, if you want to make more sales this Black Friday, you’re going to need to get your products in front of more potential customers!!!

But during Black Friday, it starts to feel kind of hard, doesn’t it?  Facebook ads shoot way up in cost because so many of the big corporations will be running them, everybody and their momma will be promoting their products on Facebook and Instagram, making it hard for your couple of posts to get seen, and catching people’s attention will be harder than ever because they will be busy doing all the family things that post-holiday weekend and might not be on social media as much.

So, how can you get your products in front of as many people as possible this Black Friday weekend so you can make as many product sales as possible?

By working with affiliate partners! 👭🎉

When you work with affiliates to promote your products this Black Friday, you can tap into the audience of your affiliates and, as a result, reach way more potential customers faster than trying to do it all on your own!

You’ll provide your affiliates with the promo materials they need to share your products with their audience while you are doing your own Black Friday shopping {or eating all the leftover turkey dressing. #yum}  

Another benefit to working with affiliates?  You’ll save money too! 💸 

Affiliates are only paid when they generate a sale for you, so you aren’t having to spend any money in advance for your products to be promoted during Black Friday. 

You don’t have to spend a dime on Facebook ads that will already be way expensive or dance awkwardly on TikTok (if that’s not your jam) to get more traffic to your online shop. 🤪 

When you’re getting in front of new customers thanks to your affiliates, you’re going to make more sales!

Here’s the thing:  92% of buyers trust word-of-mouth more than any other forms of advertising, so you want to make sure you get affiliate partners involved in your Black Friday Sale this year so they can tell everyone how awesome your products are!🤓

Wondering who your affiliates should be?

Let’s take a look at three groups you can invite to become your affiliates for your Black Friday Sale

Your Customers

I always recommend product sellers start working with affiliates by having their customers become their affiliates.  Why? Because they already know your product and can easily talk about their experience with it!  Plus, your customers probably already love your amazing product and have told friends about it, so why not incentivize them even more by giving them a commission everytime they promote it and earn a sale?

Past Media Spotlights

Are your products featured in any Gift Guides this year or in years past?  Has anyone ever written a blog about your products or featured your products in their blog?  Have you ever been a guest on a podcast?  Follow up with those folks and ask them if they’d like to be an affiliate for you! 

They can add their affiliate links to the content they have already created about your products, and during Black Friday, you can have them promote your products further. What makes this easy for them as your affiliate is that they already have promo content ready to share with their audience.

Other Product Sellers with complimentary products to yours 

If you have any friends or colleagues in your industry who sell complimentary products to yours, they would make ideal affiliate partners for you because their audience is most likely full of your ideal customers, too!

Here’s a few examples of affiliate partnerships between product sellers:

If you sell fun and whimsical acrylic earrings, you might ask someone who sells cute headbands to be your affiliate partner for your Black Friday Sale.  I love fun earrings, and if I could easily find cute headbands to go with them? Score!

If you sell paper party supplies, why not ask someone who offers custom balloon displays to promote your Black Friday Sale for you?  If they are emailing their community about their balloon sales, it could be as simple as them adding a line to their email that says “Looking for awesome party supplies to go with your magical balloon creation?  Shop here.” and linking to your online shop.

It might feel a little intimidating to reach out to people to ask them to share about your products with their community during Black Friday, but I promise you can do this!

How to Get Your Affiliates to Actually Promote for You During Your Black Friday Sale

Once you’ve sent those affiliate pitches and people have said yes to promoting your Black Friday Sale, the real work fun begins!

It’s not enough just to provide your affiliates with their affiliate link and hope that they promote.  Hope is NOT a good marketing strategy! 

Instead, you want to send them a series of emails before, during and after your Black Friday Sale to encourage and remind them to promote for you!  These emails will encourage your affiliates to promote for you and will remind them about the commissions aka cash money they will earn by sharing about your products with their audience.

Here’s an overview of the emails to send to your affiliates who have said yes to promoting your Black Friday Sale {this is assuming that your Black Friday Sale will actually happen from Black Friday through Cyber Monday}:

📆 As soon as possible 
Send your emails inviting people to become your affiliate partner and sharing your Affiliate Program Promo Packet {I’ve got a free packet for you below!} so they have all the details and promo materials in one easy to find spot!

📆 Two weeks before the Black Friday Sale begins
Send your affiliates an email reminding them about the upcoming Black Friday Sale, sharing where they can find their affiliate details, and re-sharing your Affiliate Program Promo Packet. 

🦃 Thanksgiving Day email
The day before Black Friday is Thanksgiving here in the US, and is a great day to share some gratitude with your affiliates as well as a reminder that your Black Friday Sale begins tomorrow. 

📆 Saturday after Black Friday
Your Black Friday Sale is underway… Now is a great time to encourage your affiliates to keep promoting, share any wins your affiliates are having, and to remind them where to find their affiliate links and promo materials.

📆 Last Day of Sale Email
It’s the last day of your sale, so encourage your affiliates to share one more time about your sale, share any wins your affiliates are having, and to remind them where to find their affiliate links and promo materials.  You might also 

📆 The Day After Your Sale Ends
Thank your affiliates, let them know when their commissions will be paid out, and encourage them to keep promoting your products throughout the holiday season even though the Black Friday Sale has ended. 

In the emails outlined above, I mention that you should create an Affiliate Program Promo Packet to share with your affiliates.  I’ve got a ✨FREE✨ Affiliate Program Promo Packet template I’m happy to share with you as an Ultimate Product Party reader.  You can grab your free template here.

I hope if you’re a product seller, that you’ll get affiliates involved in your Black Friday Sale this year.  If you are reading this, start today by sending out those invites!  Once you have affiliates promoting your Black Friday Sale, you can spend less time on social media trying to market your business and the sales will still be rolling in… Your affiliates will be doing the heavy lifting for you that holiday weekend while you enjoy your own Black Friday Shopping, or in my case, a tryptophan-induced nap from eating all that leftover turkey dressing. 😊

Written by Kelly Morrison of Create An Affiliate Program

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