Let’s Get Personal and Talk “Mental Health”

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Two moms who, by fate, met at a business conference one year, became besties over time, then one day had this crazy idea to start a creative conference for product based business owners over scratch margs.

Hi, we're
cat & Allison!

Usually I write the podcast show notes but I’ve been putting it off cause I just don’t even know what to say. (And hi – this is Cat.) The whole point of the podcast show notes is for them to live on the UPP Blog so the SEO Gods will work in our favor. But how does that work on something so personal? Should I start spewing keywords about Anxiety, ADHD, prescription meds, holistic healing, just to pop up in the Google search?

And not gonna lie… not sure I even want people to listen to this episode! However, this RIGHT HERE is the kind of stuff that is SO REAL & RAW in running a business, and simply being a human, that often doesn’t get talked about. Cause you don’t want people on the internet to think you’re “weird”. 

We talk the talk of being vulnerable & authentic, so we continue to walk the walk. And maybe the majority finds this episode relatable, or maybe it’s only 1 person. But even if only one person felt a little less alone after listening to this UPP podcast episode – it’s all worth it. 

The “I’m so perfect” ERA is over. Real people have real feels and real struggles. So we’re keepin’ it real. Doesn’t mean we’re stepping into the “I’m a dumpster fire” ERA either!

On another note… if you want to connect with like-minded business owners get you & the struggles we all face in growing a product based business – both business and person struggles – Join us at Ultimate Product Party 2024! It’s a SAFE space where you’ll be welcomed with open arms, loved on, and feel in community no matter what stage your business might be. Promise we plan this UPP shindig with so much heart and you won’t want to miss it!

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