Your Official Ultimate Product Party (UPP) 2024 Packing List

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Two moms who, by fate, met at a business conference one year, became besties over time, then one day had this crazy idea to start a creative conference for product based business owners over scratch margs.

Hi, we're
cat & Allison!

Ultimate Product Party (UPP for short) 2024 in Orange County, California is less than TWO MONTHS AWAY!!!

You already have your ticket (hopefully! but if you don’t, there’s still time), but what ELSE do you need to know?? 

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First things first, make sure you fly in early enough to make the official UPP Kickoff Party!! It’s hosted at Rancho Las Lomas (where ALL of UPP 2024 is goin down) from 6pm-9pm, hosted by us and part of your UPP ticket! We’ll have food & drinks poolside (on us!), music, you’ll be able to register early, and of course lots of networking. It’ll be a VIBE, so make sure you come dressed in your most confident outfit. 

But if you’re wondering what to bring before you fly out, consider this your official UPP Packing List!

Lock in…

UPP is a fashionable vibe – I mean it’s a creative conference, so perfect opportunity to express yourself. This is NOT a stuffy business conference. Come dressed it whatever is going to make you feel like a million bucks. Whatever that looks like FOR YOU. When you look good, you feel good, so  don’t overlook your outfits.

You’ll need…

  • 3 outfits: Kickoff Party, Day 1, and Day 2

  • Phone charger – you’ll be taking TONS of videos and selfies and you don’t want to be left stressing about no juice in the ol’ battery

  • A way to connect! Maybe you want to make a digital business card (we like the Hi Hello app) or maybe you want something more tangible. Maybe you want to do something that stands out a little more and is relevant to the products you sell! (Fun fact: when I met Allison at a biz conference in 2019 I remember the business card printed on a party coaster she gave me) You can go all out or you can keep it simple, doesn’t matter! What’s important is that you find a way to connect with people so you can continue the conversations when you leave UPP.

Speaking of bringing your products…

  • Definitely BRING YOUR PRODUCTS!!!! This is your time to shine and talk about the amazing stuff you sell with a room full of people who GET IT. Show off your products, give some away if you’re feeling it, and most importantly be sure to have something for the Breakout Workshop on Product Photography taught by Krista Mason and sponsored by Club Backdrops. We will have a bunch of backdrops you can use during this breakout and they are SO GORG!  We’ll also be giving some of these away for some lucky winners to take home. 

  • Sunscreen and a hat
    If you’re sensitive to the sun. Rancho Las Lomas is an outdoor venue. There is tons of shade, and some inside spots, but better to be proactive and prepared. Don’t forget to keep in mind the outdoor vibe when you’re planning your outfit. Southern California in the spring can be cooler in the mornings and heat up during the day. Plan those outfits accordingly. Lighter layers – slay.
  • Some cash to shop our awesome UPP Marketplace Vendors. Most will take credit cards, but you know cash is QUEEN too! 

Biggest thing to pack…

An open mind!

Maybe this sounds cheesy, but it couldn’t be more true. You’re coming to UPP to connect and be a sponge. Yes, you might learn new things and some things you might have already have known. But it’s the people you meet and your openness to putting yourself out there that’ll make the biggest difference in your UPP experience. 

What not to bring…

  • Disco cowgirl sequins (Sorry, we love sequins, but that was the UPP 2023 Nashville vibe.) Unless you totally NEED sequins in your life, they are YOUR brand vibe, then rock out, you do you, and F whatever we say.

  • Fear
    Promise this is a safe place. Please just trust us. 

  • Insecurities
    Look, we all get insecure. It’s totally natural. Simply know that no one is judging you, and they’re likely too in their own head with their own issues to be criticizing you. Like we said SAFE PLACE. 

  • Mean Girl Vibes
    Don’t have any tolerance for this. So just don’t even go there. It’s so uncool.

  • Complaining
    We already know that something will go wrong and that the event as a whole won’t be “perfect” in someone’s eyes. And that’s fine. Nothing is perfect and neither are we. Just know we plan for an entire year to bring this event together with the most thoughtfulness, strategy, impact, inclusivity, and LOVE. We always welcome constructive feedback (you’ll get an attendee survey after the event for that), but keep the complaining to a minimum, mmmm k?! 

OH! Almost forgot one thing! 

Bring a FRIEND!!!

There’s still time to convince a friend to join you in leveling up their business too by attending Ultimate Product Party. 

There’s an option to Pay in Full or take advantage of our 2 month payment plan ending April 1st

We can’t wait to see all of you, hug you, and cheers to your fabulous faces in less than 2 months! Ultimate Product Party was created especially for YOU, the product based business owner or those whose customers are product business owners. We can’t wait to wine & dine and surprise & delight you. Promise this is going to be the BEST business conference you’ve ever attended in your life!


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